About Us

TopFieldis a leading company in PVR field that will lead digital broadcasting field in the future.

Crisis is an opportunity for innovation, and change is a challenge to TOPFIELD.
Unique strategy to overcome the global economic crisis and leap a truly global company! We have a way to go ahead.

TOPFIELD is a leading company in PVR field that will lead the digital broadcasting field in the future. Since the establishment in 1998, and since we first exported STB based on differentiated technology in the digital broadcasting market in September 2000, we have gained high trust and competitive power in the world market on the basis of continuous promotion of our own branded products and excellent technology. Through its unique ASIC design technology, TOPFIELD has introduced to the world market the PVR (Personal Video Recorder), which has one step further advanced and innovative function from digital STB that can only receive broadcasting.

Since TOPFIELD products which have the world's first simultaneous recording function, was introduced at Mediacast, the largest satellite broadcasting show held in the UK each year, we have been recognized for excellence in technology and quality in the world market, such as TOPFIELD PVR products were selected as 'World Best' from the German digital broadcasting magazine "Sat-Kabel", etc.

Also, TOPFIELD has made its position as a leader in PVR market.

TOPFIELD product is PVR equipped with differentiated functions not available from existing products, such as picture-in-picture (PIP) function, PC connection function through USB port, and simultaneous recording function. At present, TOPFIELD, a standard in PVR field, has focused on continuous research and development and the world market pioneering of digital integrated products.

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  • Company
  • CEO
    Seo Mun Dong Gun · Oh Sung Rok
  • Date of Establishment
    May 6, 1998
  • Location
    TOPFIELD Building, 23, Jungjail-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Contact
    TEL. 031-778-0800 / FAX. 031-778-0701
  • Type of Business
    Broadcast receiver and other Video, audio equipment manufacturing
  • Main Products
    Digital video recorder (PVR : Personal Video Recorder) Digital broadcast receiver (STB : Set Top Box)