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Topfield will be a customer-friendly digital partner that provides the best value to our customers.

TOPFIELD, based on world-class technology, will be a customer-friendly digital partner
that provides the best value to our customers in the global marketplace.

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Welcome, TOPFIELD CEO, Seo Mun Dong Gun· Oh Sung Rok

Thank you very much for visiting our homepage.

These days, when the digitalization of all broadcasting media is rapidly spreading due to the development of digital technology, TOPFIELD has grown into the 'World Best Company' in the world market with its digital core technology and stable products since its establishment in 1998. TOPFIELD has secured not only price competitiveness in the production of FTA (Free To Air), which is an entry-level model, but also recognized as an excellent and stable product from high value-added CAS products to next generation PVR products. and secured highly competitive from a wide range of customers with diverse product lines. Digital STB has developed into Cl and CAS products that can receive paid broadcasting from FTA (Free To Air), which is an entry-level model, and currently, as complex products such as PVR have Increasingly activated, has been evolving into Home Server type of Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), which is a combination of communication and broadcasting.

TOPFIELD has already been recognized for its excellence in the world market with its experience and technological superiority including PVR development, CAS product development and ASIC development, etc. using the world's first two tuners.

Based on this, we have been concentrating our corporate capabilities on product development and global market development in digital cable broadcasting set-top box and digital ground radio wave broadcasting set-top box (DVB-T). With excellent technology and self-branded products, we have secured over 60 fixed-line customers in more than 40 countries around the world. The prior occupation of market through this technological advantage is a very important source of competitiveness of TOPFIELD. TOPFIELD has responded quickly to changes in the digital environment and tried to be corporate competitive in the wider global market with new challenges and pioneering spirit, and has been concentrating on our competencies in the development of next-generation products that can serve as the core devices of home server and home network, etc. beginning with the development of world-class PVR. In addition, we will be trusted by our customers, investors and shareholders with clean and transparent right path management. Please keep an eye on TOPFIELD's infinite digital world and give us generous encouragement and strength in the future.
Thank you.