Management Policy

As broadcasting and communication are digitalized and fuzed,
new industries are being created and developed and

With the aim of adapting to these changes and becoming a new and successful company,
We are pursuing a sustainable company that maximizes the satisfaction of our shareholders,
staffs and customers by creating an organization appropriate for this and an honest corporate culture.

Right Path

Strengthen transparency of management and practice right path management

By maximizing corporate value such as profitability, growth, and stability, etc. we strive to form a "trust relationship" with customers, investors, shareholders and staffs, and become a company that is ahead of ethical management practices. To achieve this goal, we will pursue to maximize transparent accounting and financial stability, strengthen transparency of management and shareholder-oriented policy, and practice right path management based on this.

Customer Satisfaction Management

Satisfy customer business and provide new value

By building a global network that connects all the bases around the world, we are identifying the customers’ needs in a various and rapid way. Based on this, we have been building the system that can actively respond to any kind of market change that is expected in the future. We will understand customers’ needs, satisfy customers and provide new value.

Quality Management

Design technically perfect product and control quality linked to quality warranty system

We will continue to maintain our credibility in technology by designing the perfect product technically from the early stage of product development, producing stable products through sufficient local test and verification, and reflecting product development and production linked to our own quality warranty system.

Technology-Oriented Management

Predict the market and make an effort for market prior occupation through advanced research and development

We will assure quality stability as well as perfect quality inspection, cost reduction by predicting the market in the 21st century and achieving automation and efficiency of production line as well as market prior occupation and product competitiveness through advanced research and development.