TOPFIELD’s Cl reflects its future-oriented corporate intention as a next-generation
PVR specialist with cutting-edge technology. It means our dream to become the best specialist in digital broadcasting AV field.

Main Color


CMYKC97 M74 Y1 K0

RGBR0 + G84 + B166

Blue Color, the main color, represents young corporate, corporate image, and TOPFIELD’s global intention to our customers around the world.
This Cl Manual provides detailed guidance information on the application criteria, application scope, regulations, etc. of Cl of TOPFIELD. For further information, please contact the person in charge (

* The RGB specification is a color specification used for media such as TV, Monitor, etc. expressed in Red, Green, Blue, the three primary colors of light.


탑필드 wordmark 이미지

Grid system

탑필드 wordmark and gred system 이미지 탑필드 gred system 이미지

TOPFIELD's corporate mark contains new corporate vision and strategic goal to become a World Best Company that will lead the 21C future society as a world-leading professional company in IT field, and expresses its confidence by capitalizing the whole with Wordmark Type using Full Name. The word mark type Logo, as one form of TOP and FIELD, represents TOPFIELD's corporate will to become the best professional company through professionals to pioneer the market, advanced technology to lead the market, Top Brand trusted by customers, and contains the image of a future-oriented company. The robust logo-type expresses our will as an industry leader and an enterprising corporate and global corporate image. In addition, the logo type that emphasizes concise but clear margin expresses an open corporate will to avoid authoritative and conservative attitude.