Topfield Location

Topfield Co., Ltd visits to roads and transportation to show you.

토필드 위치 지도 토필드 위치 지도
토필드 위치 약도 토필드 위치 약도

463-869, TOPFIELD Building,

23, Jungja il-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

TEL. 031)778-0800

FAX. 031)778-0701


  • Directions by Subway
  • BoondangExit 7 at Migeum station > Turn right at the first street that goes straight 100m (Medipark obstetrics and gynecology clinic alleyway)> 5OM pass through Kolon Tripolis and Kookmin bank ATM
  • Directions by bus
  • From provinces

    Yatap intercity bus Terminal> Subway and bus> Migeum station> Bus number (77-1, 1116, 51, 820, 116-3)

    From Seoul (Gangnam, Yangjae)

    Gangnam> Yangjae> Migeum Station> Seating Bus (1005-1, 150-3, 5500-1)

    From Jamsil

    Jamsil> Migeum Station> Seating Bus (9403)