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Mosquito repellent (MOSPEL): Advanced efficacy natural products

Advanced efficacy natural products

  • Domestic patent registration
  • Thesis presented to International Journal
  • Product actually tested using Dengue fever mosquito in Indonesia
  • More excellent effect than some organic synthetic repellent and natural repellent products
  • common harmless to man and animal, no side effects, maintain perfect mosquito repellent effect (3-4hrs)
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Mosquito repellent was developed by Professor Ahn Yong-joon of Seoul National University for the first time in Korea and the product with natural plant material increased twice as much as the existing market natural products was newly developed.

Coverage (for adult and infant)

  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • For outdoor sports
  • Exposure spray type
  • Applied to skin, interior space, clothing, tent, household appliances, cattle shed, etc.

Product Market Status

  • Essential items for domestic and overseas trips such as Zika mosquito, Dengue mosquito, Malaria mosquito, etc.
  • Mosquito repellent is estimated at KRW 170 billion in the domestic market and KRW 14 trillion in the global market.
  • The main component that has dominated more than 80% of the global mosquito repellent market for the last 40 years is the toxic substance of organic synthetic substance called DEET, which is a worldwide prohibitive substance.